Flavia Pinheiro /Engaged Art/

Presenting performance “The Magnificent Bacteria”

The giant bacteria that can be seen by the naked eye celebrates contamination and freedom. Trapped in the evolutionary lineage, they claim disobedience through excessive, explicit, filthy, improper, and tasteless language; and microscopic acts of resistance through touching and sweating.

“The Magnificent Bacteria” is an in vitro experiment that entangles microorganisms and non-human forces in a macro-political shift, which contributes to a wider movement for change on a fractal basis. Tired of struggling to create vital conditions, it unveils a celebration of the living;  one trillion species of microbes on Earth who hold the technology of breathing in their tiny hands.

Where do you place yourself in the ongoing war against the antibiotics?

Flavia Pinheiro is a Brazilian choreographer and performance artist currently based in Amsterdam. Her research foreground networks of resilience and resistance to systems of knowledge by using images and words from technology and science in order to create speculative fabulations. Using different media, she questions the complexity of the colonial modernity by dismantling hegemonic hierarchies. Specifically, science disenchantment of the world on translating everyting that exists in objective, rational knowledge.

She radically explores the roots of Western en colonial knowledge systems and unveils the link between racial, gendered, and sexual belonging, differential ways of knowing and imagining the world, and the overarching governing codes that have created, maintained and normalised practices of exclusion. Her artistic practice is an ongoing attempt to create breathing and vital conditions; in an unstoppable dance, creating improbable entanglements with nonhumans such as bacterias, plants, birds, antelopes, and ghosts

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We thank our partners, the renowned Amsterdam cultural institutions listed below who take part in the 15 coalitions that select the participating artists and provide them with guidance and a supportive network. They are of vital importance to the program.

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Event credits:

Curated by Bogomir Doringer.
Event production by Rafael Kozdron.
Felix Meritis production by Rivka van der Berg.
Press contact: Charlie Thole (AFK.
Project leaders: Johanna Brils (AFK) and Naïma Bouchtaoui (Bureau Broedplaatsen).